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What’s your real value proposition?

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Depositphotos_6841701_xsClients come to you for your knowledge and reputation. But they stay with you because they trust you. The real value you bring to your clients is looking out for their best interests. 

If you’re truly helping clients protect their business – and their wealth – shouldn’t you be talking to them about long-term care insurance?

Consider the impact of long-term care on their business. Working caregivers cost significantly in healthcare utilization, lost productivity, and replacement of key employees. Lost productivity to US businesses from care-giver issues is in excess of $33 billion dollars. Working caregivers also cost $13 billion dollars a year from increased health insurance utilization.

What’s the impact on personal wealth? Long-term care costs can easily exceed $100k per year, and health insurance or Medicare doesn’t pay for it. Money saved for years in a sponsored savings program will likely need to be spent on care.

Doesn’t this make long-term care a risk that your clients and prospects need to know about? You can add long-term care insurance to your business easily with our turn-key services. We can enroll cases for you or assist you in enrolling cases yourself depending on your need.

You can click here to view 5 reasons why it makes sense to make LTCI part of your business.



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