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What’s Your Obamacare Strategy?

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Love it or hate it, Obamacare is driving unprecedented change.

It will be years before the Affordable Care Act’s impact is fully understood. However, those of us providing health care and related insurance products are being squeezed by reduced commissions. What should we do?

Depositphotos_4968321_sThere are two possibilities (other than going out of business). We can write more employer groups at lower commissions or add new products to our portfolio. Or better yet, we can find a way to successfully do both.

How? Consider adding long-term care insurance. There is a significant market future opportunity in long-term care. There are 150 million Americans in the age range where insurance should be considered, but only 7.4 million are currently covered. And the market is underserved since most companies under 200 employees don’t offer long-term care insurance.

With so many people needing long-term care today, it’s likely your prospect or client will have had personal experience with a loved one. This is why it can be effective in creating new relationships and business opportunities.

And once a client implements a long-term care benefit, you’ll be in position to sell other products and services. At EM-Power, we support brokers who want to enroll cases themselves and have dedicated specialists to help where needed.

Find out more now: Click to see 5 reasons to make LTCI part of your business.

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