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Succeeding With Long-Term Care Insurance

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Succeeding With Long-Term Care Insurance

Have you seen our 5 reasons for adding long-term care insurance?

Long-term care may be the most underserved misunderstood insurance market, yet it has the highest probability to inflict the most emotional and financial pain on working Americans of all ages and backgrounds.

Long Term Care Insurance

There are many layers to the long-term care challenge and the purpose of our newsletter, blog, videos, and other media is to peel those layers back to provide insights that will help you better serve your clients and grow your business.

We invite you to stay in touch us, so we can provide you with current articles and trends, including: 

  • What is driving this problem?
  • What’s happening with public policy?
  • What are the implications of long-term care from an employers perspective?
  • How does not offering long-term care impact a company’s benefit package?
  • What are the limits to health insurance and Medicare?
  • What can you expect from government safety net programs?
  • What planning solutions are available for employer groups?
  • Are there incentives to businesses?
  • With carriers exiting the business, and poor results on previous cases, why why get involved with LTCi?
  • How are brokers using LTCi to create new business?

Stay tuned for more… If you have specific questions or opportunities you’d like to discuss, drop us a line.

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Have you seen our 5 reasons for adding long-term care insurance?