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Linked Benefit Long-Term Care Insurance

Linked benefit long-term care insurance policies are dual purpose products built around annuities and life insurance with provisions to pay for qualified long-term care expenses. Benefit triggers are the same as for stand alone long-term care insurance.

Linked benefit products are available to individuals on a permanent life insurance or annuity chassis. Individuals are required to reposition an amount of money for the annuity or life insurance policy that funds a long-term care benefit.

In the workplace, linked benefit long-term care insurance is available with permanent life insurance with provisions to pay either a long-term care or the death benefit. These policies solve multiple planning challenges and are funded with a monthly premium vs. repositioning assets – both of which can be more attractive to younger employees.

Insurance Carriers

EM-Power works with the major carriers offering linked benefit long-term care insurance products including:

    • Genworth
    • MoneyGuard
    • Transamerica
    • Trustmark


EM Power Long Term Care Services