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Stand Alone Long Term Care Insurance

EM Power Long Term Care ServicesStand alone long-term care insurance pays a daily or monthly benefit for qualified long-term care expenses for a period of time or until a pool of money is exhausted. The policy remains in force while premiums are paid and the benefit amount has not been exhausted.

Coverage can be purchased by individuals or it may be offered at the workplace as a voluntary or employer paid benefit with discounts and underwriting concessions.

Optional riders allow policies to be customized to fit an individuals needs. Some common riders include:

    • Inflation Protection
      Inflation protection provides a method of increasing the benefit value over time to keep up with increases in the cost of care.
    • Shared Care
      If one spouse uses their entire benefit, shared care allows them to use a portion of their partners benefit.
    • Return of Premium
      With this rider the insurance carrier will return a portion or the entire premium paid upon death. Some policies may deduct the amount claims paid prior to death.
    • Accelerated Payment Options
      Rather than paying premiums until benefits are needed, some carriers offer polices with limited pay options. For example, a 10-pay policy will require no further payments after 10-years.

Insurance Carriers

EM-Power works with the major carriers offering stand alone long-term care insurance including:

    • Genworth
    • John Hancock
    • LifeSecure
    • MedAmerica
    • Transamerica