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Ways We Work With Brokers

EM-Power provides different service levels and training to accommodate the time brokers are willing and able to dedicate to selling and implementing long-term care insurance. Brokers can introduce EM-Power to their clients and prospects for a referral fee, perform all aspects of the sales and enrollment process or pick and choose the parts they want to have involvement.

    • Broker Sold and Enrolled
      Brokers desiring to sell and enroll their own cases are assigned a trainer who provides support through the entire process. A training program is developed on a case-by-case basis depending on the broker’s previous experience and desired level of involvement.
    •  EM-Power Assisted Sale
      Brokers are able to utilize EM-Power trainer experts to help them present the first meeting and follow up proposal. Depending on the location of the case, these services are provided via webinar or in person. Once an employer decides on a plan they want implemented, the broker performs all enrollment activities using an EM-Power systems, backroom and trainer.
    •  Turn-Key
      Brokers utilizing EM-Power’s turn-key sales and enrollment process simply make referrals when they have interested prospects and a trained specialist will conduct all sales and enrollment activities. The referring broker will receive regular updates from the EM-Power specialist and will be paid a referral fee based on whether the case is voluntary or employer paid.


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