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Back Room Support & Enrollment Technology

Enrollment technology featuring web portals, communication software, on-demand education, an appointment scheduler and customized enrollment kits provide the tools needed to enroll any size employer. Whether brokers enroll cases themselves or utilize EM-Power’s dedicated team of enrollment specialists. EM-Power’s backroom takes charge of organizing all aspects of the enrollment including:

    • Implementation calls the broker and employer conducted by EM-Power.
    • Using EM-Power’s communication software a customized series of electronic enrollment communications is produced with links to educational resources, workshop registration pages and an appointment scheduler.
    • Produces an enrollment timeline with dates and times of all enrollment events.
    • Enrollment packages with custom rate sheets are produced for employees and spouses.
    • An enrollment PowerPoint with scripting is provided for each group.
    • Applications are scrubbed and tracked through the underwriting process.
    • Coordinate payroll deductions and provide a reconciliation spreadsheet splitting premiums between employer pay and employer pay
    • Plan an reenrollment process for new hires.


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